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The Active Vista International Human Rights Film Festival calls on filmmakers for the short film competition of the festival. We are looking for human rights themed short films whose fresh takes and innovative approaches will inspire revolutions of the mind and create movements. We seek new revolutionaries who dare to invoke the power to inspire real change.


1. Films should not be more than 20 minutes in total running time. 
2. Any format is accepted – narrative, documentaries, etc.
3. Only films that have been completed after December 2014 will be accepted.
4. All entries must be independently produced. 
5. Anyone from the Philippines may submit. There are no limitations regarding the premiere status of the film and production experiences of the filmmaker.
6. Multiple entries from one filmmaker are allowed.


1. Accomplished entry form that can be downloaded here.
2. An online screener of the film (preferably unlisted on YouTube or password protected in Vimeo or other file sharing sites)
3. English subtitles are required. 
4. Submitted entry should have a copy of the film in high definition format.
5. All submitted films will be part of Active Vista International Human Rights Film Festival’s archive for internal, research or academic purposes. The films will not be shown publicly without further authorization.
6. Filmmakers should have the sole and exclusive ownership of all rights related to the submitted film. Pursuant to copyright laws, video clips, images and music used in any entry must be original, licensed or in public domain.
7. Violation to the entry regulations may result in disqualification from the competition.
8. All finalists shall be required to submit final version, trailers, posters and other promotional materials.
9. Entry form and link to the film should be sent thru email to activevista@dakila.org.ph


10 selected short films shall be screened during the Active Vista International Human Rights Film Festival and the top three films will be competing for the following awards:

• Best Film 
• Jury Prize
• Audience Choice

Filmmakers of the 10 selected short films shall automatically be part of the Active Vista Lab Program facilitated by seasoned filmmakers and human rights advocates and may have the opportunity to win grants for their human rights themed film projects.

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