Who We Are

Active Vista is a learning institution established by DAKILA to support its mission of building the movement of heroism towards social transformation by addressing the pressing need for human rights education and by encouraging social advocacy involvement in the Philip­pines. Active Vista facilitates the learning process of empowering citizens to become agents of social change.

Active Vista cultivates the marriage of film and advocacy through the Moving Pictures pro­gram as a strategy to educate its audiences. It organizes activities geared toward the devel­opment of film’s innate value as an educational medium that can be utilized to shape critical thought, influence culture, and foster social consciousness and action. It supports initiatives to help develop the film industry and its members as relevant allies in social advocacies and in the promotion and protection of Human Rights.


DAKILA – Philippine Collective for Modern Heroism is an organization of artists, cultural and development activists, students, young professionals and individuals building a movement of heroism towards social transformation.

DAKILA cultivates one’s innate heroism, organizes communities of heroes and creatively fosters social involvement by building one’s capacity to make change, influencing individuals and groups to be part of the movement for change, and taking on advocacies and social concerns to bring about strategic actions that make real change.

Dakila was founded in 2005 by multi-awarded writer Lourd de Veyra, musician Noel Cabangon, actor Ronnie Lazaro, Parokya ni Edgar bassist Buhawi Meneses and comedian Tado Jimenez (+). DAKILA is involved in the advocacies for climate justice, human rights, good governance and the campaigns to end human trafficking, ensure just and lasting peace, promote road safety, and institute political, cultural and electoral reforms.