A Call for Young Heroes

We are a nation of heroes.

We believe that a better world is created through a society that respects, upholds and values the rights, dignity, and freedom of its people.

We believe that the foundation of a truly free, democratic and progressive society is an empowered citizenry.

We believe that when citizens are educated, enlightened and given opportunities to develop, they are able to achieve their full potentials as human beings and are able to contribute immensely to nation building and social transformation.

We are the Heroes Hub.
We support efforts to build the capacity of young people towards self-empowerment.

We are a community of heroes.
We gather to connect, collaborate, create, innovate, ignite and inspire ideas into action.

We are a movement.
We take part in the call to uphold, promote and protect human rights and dignity of all.

This is our tempestuous awakening as a generation. We heed the call of our times.

Call for Applications: Heroes Hub Youth Fellowship Program 2018

The Heroes Hub Youth Fellowship Program seeks youth leaders who are committed to contribute to nation building, social development and the movement for social transformation. It shall support youth fellows seeking creative and innovative approaches to address challenges faced by the country today. The Heroes Hub Fellows are passionate individuals who aspire for transformational change to the country’s most pressing problems and who engage their communities to work together in new and meaningful ways.

The fellowship program provides 25 qualified youth per year an opportunity to strengthen their leadership skills, gain in-depth knowledge of development challenges of the Philippines, harness their creativity, and develop strategic actions for their advocacy work. Fellows will work with DAKILA’s extensive network of artists and advocates as well as with its deep expertise in communication, organizing, campaigning and education through the arts, media and popular culture.

25 selected youth fellows shall undergo a 3-month intensive hands-on training that includes a 3-day camp in August 25-27, 2018 and weekend training and activities on September 2018 on leadership and advocacy development; human rights, rule of law, democracy and rights-based governance; arts and advocacy lab; communications strategy and media engagement; digital activism; and developing strategic actions for social change. The program also includes field work and mentoring sessions for youth participants. The fellowship shall culminate at the Heroes Hub Youth Summit on November 30, 2018.

More than a program, the Heroes Hub facilitates the life long learning of being dakila as a way of life, of embracing one’s innate heroism, and in developing the individual’s capacity to make change by taking part in the movement for positive social transformation.

The Heroes Hub Youth Fellowship Program is an initiative of DAKILA through its Active Vista Center and is supported by the Center for International Private Enterprise and the Innovations for Good Governance (iNNOVATE-GOV) project of the Institute for Solidarity in Asia.



  • Fellowship opportunity for 25 Youth Leaders through a series of intensive training and mentoring sessions for 3 months.
  • Fellows shall participate in five multi-day gatherings where they shall be able to connect, collaborate and create ideas and actions with their fellow youth.
  • Platform for youth of diverse backgrounds to learn from one another and to lead projects that make meaningful impact for their communities, the country and society.


Eligibility and Qualifications

The Heroes Hub Youth Fellowship Program is open to all Filipino youth ages 15-35 years old who:

  • have leadership experience in their schools, communities or among peers (leadership position is not a requirement);
  • are able to participate to the full programming of the six scheduled fellowship gatherings: training sessions and activities which shall run during the Heroes Day weekend on August 25-27, the weekends of September 2018 and on November 30, 2018;
  • value Human Rights, Rule of Law, Democracy and Rights-based Governance and demonstrate interest in social issues and citizen engagement;
  • displays the commitment to engage their fellow youth in schools and communities, and at the local and national level to building a movement of heroism towards social transformation;
  • can contribute their leadership, creativity, ideas and voice to the mission of the Heroes Hub Fellowship Program;
  • possess good collective leadership skills and is able to work with diverse groups of people;
  • are passionate and dedicated individuals who have the heart for the social advocacy cause.



Eligible youth interested in participating in the Heroes Hub Fellowship Program may complete their application online at


Deadline of submission of application is no later than August 1, 2018, Wednesday.


Selection Process

The Heroes Hub Youth Fellows shall be selected through the following process:

Step 1: Application Review
Step 2: A selected panel of DAKILA members shall interview successful applicants of the first round of selection from August 2-6, 2018.
Step 3: The first batch of Heroes Hub Youth Fellows shall be announced by August 10, 2017

For more information on the Heroes Hub Fellowship Program of DAKILA, please e-mail activevista@dakila.org.ph