Program Design: A Hero’s Journey

Heroes Hub Youth Fellowship Program Design

The Fellowship Program is designed to take youth participants into a heroic journey of their own self-transformation towards their empowerment as active agents of social change. Through a series of learning sessions designed to build the capacity of selected fellows in leadership and advocacy work through especially designed courses, skills training and creative workshops. Experts from various fields and disciplines shall guide, train and mentor youth participants of the program.

Course One: Leadership Enhancement and Advocacy Development Camp

The first course is a three-day camp which aims to introduce the concepts of “taya” or stake in the lens of the bayani (self), bayanihan (community), and bayan (society). It will take the participants to a journey to discovering their inner heroes, how society affects their life, livelihood, and lifestyle, and how their actions as individuals can help impact positive social change in their community. The three-day camp includes different activities, workshops, and performances led by artists and issue experts.

Course Two: Understanding the Society

The sessions in this course shall include lectures and workshops combined with field trips, sit-down dialogues and immersions on various topics concerning society today. These include: human rights, rule of law and democracy, and rights-based governance. Issue experts and leading development practitioners and thinkers, policy leaders and academics shall be invited as resource persons. The course shall tackle the current development challenges that the country faces today and provide a contextual backdrop for possible strategies for youth action.

Course Three: Arts and Advocacy Lab

The third course aims to provide participants with skills in creative expression through community exposure and engagement activities. The participants shall have first-hand experiences in using arts for advocacy through talks, performances and workshops hosted by highly-esteemed cultural groups and artists who shall share their insights in using film, art, spoken word, and music for advocacy expression.


Course 4: Media Training

The fourth course is an introduction to tools and techniques in spreading advocacy messages through media platforms. This includes the use of digital activism, online tools and strategies in media engagement in getting positive messages across. It shall include lectures, activities and workshops on digital activism practical tools and techniques, overview of human rights issues online, the art of online engagement, and communication strategies.

Course 5: Strategy for Social Change

The fifth session serves aims to provide context on the pressing societal issues to help the youth fellows form activities that will engage their fellow youth. In this course, youth fellows shall develop strategies for youth engagement and collaborate on ideas and actions that shall contribute to real-world change in their communities.

Field Work

Youth fellows shall be given a batch mission that present invaluable opportunities for them to experience the challenges of nation building, social development and the movement for social transformation. Participants shall gain competencies in leadership, collaboration, critical thinking, creativity and innovation, while strengthening a culture of continuous learning. A core program team of mentors shall provide guidance to youth fellows in reflecting about their learnings, mapping out their personal goals and directions as leaders and advocates.

Heroes Hub: Youth Empowerment Summit

The Heroes Hub Youth Fellowship Program culminates with the Heroes Hub Youth Empowerment Summit where in the youth fellows shall join other youth leaders in an annual summit aimed to gather the youth to

  1. discuss the heroic journey of our heroes who have shaped our nation’s past;
  2. determine the prospects and challenges of the present state of our nation; and
  3. explore strategies for action towards building a true nation of heroes.