What we are

Active Vista is a learning institution established by DAKILA to address the pressing need for human rights education and to encourage social advocacy involvement in the Philippines. Active Vista facilitates the learning process of empowering citizens into becoming agents of social change.


Our Vision

A society that respects, upholds and values the dignity, rights and freedom of its people.


Our Mission

Empowering the public into contributing to relevant social transformation through education.


Our Pillars

We believe in the importance of the recognition, understanding and respect for human rights as the integral foundation of a truly progressive society.

We believe in the power of transformative learning both in content and in pedagogy as a tool to empower citizens and the nation to develop and progress.

We believe in the value of shaping critical thought, encouraging dynamism in views, and fostering spaces for discourse as fundamental requirements in addressing methods and directions of social transformation.

We believe in the strength of creative expression whether in the arts, media or popular culture as modes of education in shaping public consciousness and action.


Our Goals

Raise awareness on social issues and concerns by providing platforms to effectively inform the public on prevalent social conditions.

Provoke discourses on human conditions to enable the public to understand the political, economic, social and cultural causes and impact of human rights violations and to arrive at shared visions and solutions to address it.

Foster a culture of human rights by influencing a new generation of advocates through the use of arts, media and popular culture as weapons to inform, enlighten and empower them.

Empower the public to contribute to the promotion and protection of human rights by inspiring them to recognize and fulfill their human responsibility to contribute to transformative social change.

Gather a network of individuals and groups to collaborate on efforts in human rights education and drive support towards the cause.