Active Vista Film and Media Lab


How does film and media make a difference? How do you marry your art with your advocacy?

The Active Vista Lab combines human rights expertise, film and media studies, and  art advocacy strategies in an exciting series of lectures, film screenings, discussions, and working groups.

The program has two major training tracks – the Media Lab and the Film Lab.

The Media Lab aims to train advocates on utilizing media such as video, film, and storytelling in campaigning for their advocacies. Selected fellows will undergo lectures on project development, production shooting, and impact planning with a short video output at the end of the lab.

The Film Lab aims to train film practitioners and/or aspiring filmmakers on how their craft can create social impact and how they can maximize it in contributing to the human rights discourse. Selected fellows will have in-depth project development training and impact planning. At the end of the lab, the fellows will give a final presentation of their projects to possible collaborators.

Be one of the 30 fellows of advocates, filmmakers, educators, youth, and media practitioners trained to tell compelling stories of human conditions in creative and innovative ways.

Download the primer here.

You may apply to the 5-day lab through these links:

Media Lab:

Film Lab: