Walang Pipikit 360°

As the world passes through the pandemic portal, we remain in a state of rupture between the past and the future – in this void and liminal space of transition and transformation.

Our history as a nation casts a long shadow. The global health crisis has entangled itself in our social ills, threatens to tear our humanity, and poses to drive the country to a breaking point.

We have remained in a lockdown far too long – confined in our homes not only by the virus but also by the relentless attacks on our rights and freedoms, trapped by an indolent government, threatened to surrender to a bleak fate.

2020 that visual gauge of acuity and clarity has changed the world.

Next year, we will commemorate the quincentenary of our ‘discovery’ by the West a 500-year history that bears the scars of subjugation. Yet, we have not come to terms with our narrative as a nation.

Still, the blatant erasure and alteration of our collective memory continue to persist in the 7,000 or 27,000 victims of state-sponsored killings, in the hailing of a murderous and thieving dictator being rebranded as a hero, and in the continuous obliteration of our collective struggles as people.

As with stories, History is in the telling. Even as the world changes dramatically, our role as storytellers of truth and resistance must remain.

We shall will the silences imposed by fear into voices.

We shall enable those in the margins to be in the center, those being dispensed to be essential, and those being made invisible to be ubiquitous. 

We shall courageously march at the forefront, set up pickets at the home front, and dismantle barriers to genuine social progress. 

We shall continue to shape a narrative of sovereignty and solidarity of the Filipino people.

We shall never cower nor falter in our resolve. 

Our generation heeds to the call of the times. 

We shall navigate under the shadow of our heroes without even blinking an eye, our collective vision fixed to that constant glimmer of hope, that indeed, a better and brighter normal is possible. #


Towards the brink of a new normal, Active Vista embarks in new ways of seeing  — opening up new viewpoints of looking at human rights, zooming into various narratives, weaving different lenses in discourses on human conditions, mapping panoramas of resistance, and bridging visions of hope.

We invite you to go outside the frames, after the last pages of the news, and beyond the end credits of the films.

We invite you to go beyond 280 characters, virtual meeting rooms, and daily feeds.

We invite you to open your eyes a little wider, to focus a little bit sharper, to put on the lenses less taken, and revel in the spectrum of colors and brilliance that is our lives.

We invite you to gaze full circle, to look at the world in 360°, with eyes wide open.