Digibak: Digital Activism

Digibak is a portmanteau of “digital” and “tibak” (Filipino slang for activist). Digibak empowers advocates in using digital platforms and technologies for social advocacies. It banners the assertion that human rights are the same offline and online.

The program develops support to digital media initiatives through a rights-based approach to further social advocacies. It addresses concerns on the prevailing culture of hate, violence, harassment and abuse on line and the pressing digital human rights issues such as the online sexual abuse of children; fake news and trolls; online harassment and bullying of women, LGBTQ+, children; use of cyber libel in the Cyber Crime Law to silence political dissent and activism; and Cyber Tokhang.

The course provides an overview of the power of digital media; presentation on basic tools on digital media and platforms; workshops on effective digital media communication; discussions on digital safety, security and protection; and training on pro-active digital engagement to counter discrimination, violence and abuse online as well as in promoting advocacy causes.