Film Education


Active Vista cultivates the marriage of film and advocacy in educating its audiences. It organizes activities geared toward the development of film’s innate value as an educational medium that can be utilized to shape critical thought, influence culture, and foster social consciousness and action. It supports initiatives to help develop the film industry and its members as relevant allies in social advocacies.

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Truth emerges when we focus our lenses on real stories that impact social change in this series of filmmaking workshops and master classes that feature story development, film production, mentorship guidance, pitching and social impact planning. Active Vista initiates efforts to strengthen filmmaking as its ally in projecting truths on human struggles. It supports filmmakers in endeavors to provide knowledge and skills to effectively churn out their visions and wield it towards inspiring real world change.

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Active Vista endeavors to support film ideas with clear social impact goals. It helps find ways to mobilize resources to support the development, production, promotion and distribution of these films. It actively seeks to screen relevant and compelling socially relevant films to broader audiences.

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