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Can film really make a difference?

Active Vista looks for filmmakers, media practitioners, artists, film enthusiasts, students and human rights advocates to undergo a 3-day free workshop that integrates human rights expertise and art advocacy strategies to the practice of filmmaking.


The workshop is designed to build the capacity of participants to effectively utilize films and videos for their human rights advocacy and encourage participants to produce creative outputs that depict compelling stories of human struggles and that shall contribute to engage the public in the protection and promotion of human rights. The workshop shall culminate in a pitching session where participants shall be given an opportunity to access possible funding, mentoring and collaboration for their human rights themed projects.

The Active Vista Film Workshop 2018 is part of the 6th edition of the Active Vista Human Rights Festival. This year’s edition of the festival also celebrates the 70th Anniversary of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The workshops shall happen on November 30 (Friday), December 2 (Sunday), and December 9 (Sunday), 2018 from 8:30 am - 6:00 pm. In Metro Manila.

The workshop shall select 30 participants nationwide. Applications are now open until November 25, 2018. Apply now through this link:

  1. Applicants must be available to attend all sessions of the workshop.
  2. Preferably applicants have a project in development (having at least a logline, and synopsis)
  3. The 3-day workshop will be held in Metro Manila, Philippines. Travel and accommodations of selected participants are not covered by the program.
  1. Accomplished application form to be filled up thru this link:
  2. Project Proposal
    • Logline (50 words)
    • Synopsis (150 words)
    • Director’s Statement (300 words)
  3. Personal Statement (500 words)
  •    Introduction of yourself in relation to film work and if there have been past involvement in human rights cause
  •    The reason why you wish to attend the workshop
  •    Your future plans in film work
  1.              Portfolio
    • Must be downloadable
    • Video files submitted must be playable on VLC
    • At least 2 works that can show the applicant’s potential as a film and video content creator. Short or feature films, videos, novels, photographs, academic theses, etc are all acceptable.

*All files and documents submitted will not be exhibited and distributed publicly.



Session 1: Ways of Seeing: The Human Rights Lens in Films

This session shall explore the subject of human in human rights film through engaging what constitutes a human rights film. It will set the context by reference to basic art and film appreciation and the discourses of human rights films in the past.  It shall tackle comparing narratives on how different films explore the identity of what it is to be human and the extent to which these films engage with the subject of human rights. Overall, it aims to explore the critical and political complexity of what it is to be human in the context of the current human rights discourse and political landscape.

Session 2: Storytelling

This session shall bring a discussion on the best practices in writing and developing a human rights theme in films which starts from writing and developing the script and content of the film. The workshop aims to teach the participants the basics of storytelling through hands-on exercises. Participants are expected to deliver an initial output of a story concept for their human rights themed-film.

Session 3: Video for Change

EngageMedia, convenor of Video4Change Network, shall be presenting the Impact Handbook, a toolkit on how to design and strategize for impact in video for change initiatives. The Impact Handbook focuses on helping Video for Change practitioners design for and evaluate social impact. There are two core pillars of this toolkit. The first is Values and Methods, contemplating ethics of Video for Change and the second is the Impact Pathway, which are the different stages in the process of a video initiative at which impact is possible. The session will share the key contents of the handbook, which was developed with the input of video for change practitioners from across the region.

Session 4: Production and Distribution of Human Rights Films and Social Documentaries

The workshop aims to teach the participants the concept of production and distribution of HR films and social documentaries in local and international context. Participants are expected to deliver outputs of a plan for the production and distribution of their own projects.

Session 5: Pitching Workshop and Project Development

The workshop aims to discuss the different structures and format used in pitching for film and media outputs for advocacy. It will provide tools and hands-on training on how to conduct an effective pitch, as well as insights on different industries and institutions catering to media and filmmakers. It shall also provide tools and hands-on workshop on researching for their HR-themed projects, the creative and technical process of project development. Facilitators will mentor and guide participants in developing their own film/media project for their advocacy.

Pitching Session

Each participant shall be given enough time to prepare their story ideas for pitching. A moderator shall help set facilitate the project pitch and a panel of judges and commentators will be set up to provide critique or assess the feasibility of the project. Representatives from NGOs, production companies, film festivals and filmmakers shall be invited to witness the live pitching of participants for possible funding and collaboration for their human rights themed projects.



Active Vista cultivates the marriage of film and advocacy in educating its audiences. It organizes activities geared toward the development of film’s innate value as an educational medium that can be utilized to shape critical thought, influence culture, and foster social consciousness and action. It supports initiatives to help develop the film industry and its members as relevant allies in social advocacies.

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Truth emerges when we focus our lenses on real stories that impact social change in this series of filmmaking workshops and master classes that feature story development, film production, mentorship guidance, pitching and social impact planning. Active Vista initiates efforts to strengthen filmmaking as its ally in projecting truths on human struggles. It supports filmmakers in endeavors to provide knowledge and skills to effectively churn out their visions and wield it towards inspiring real world change.

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Active Vista endeavors to support film ideas with clear social impact goals. It helps find ways to mobilize resources to support the development, production, promotion and distribution of these films. It actively seeks to screen relevant and compelling socially relevant films to broader audiences.

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