Heroes Hub

The Heroes Hub is a Fellowship Program of Youth Advocates for Human Rights. It takes root on the concept of the KATIPUNAN (Assembly) and aims to impart how the concept of heroism has translated to today’s youth. The Fellowship Program aims to empower the Filipino Youth to be agents of social change.

The Heroes Hub offers a transformative learning process through the pursuit of knowledge, skills, values, and practices to form our youth’s critical thinking, progressive ideas, and creative innovations which are fuel to their development as citizens and participation in nation building. It is a continuing learning process where in the youth are given opportunities to connect, collaborate and create with their fellow youth. It provides spaces for immersion, discourse, expression and innovation to happen. It is an avenue for developing and nurturing ideas into action.

The first Heroes Hub takes place at the Heroes Hub: Youth Empowerment Summit on the celebration of the heroism of Bonifacio, the father of the Philippine Revolution, and shall convene 300 youth leaders in a summit to:

  1. discuss the heroic journey of our heroes who have shaped our nation’s past
  2. determine the prospects and challenges of the present state of our nation
  3. explore visions and versions of our truths in our struggle to build a true nation of heroes.


The Heroes Hub continues as a formation program through series of learning sessions designed to build the capacity of selected fellows in human rights advocacy work through especially designed courses, skills training and creative workshops to be held for a year. A variety of experts from the field of human rights, arts, and media shall guide, train and mentor youth participants of the program. The call for the Heroes Hub Fellowship shall be announced during the Youth Summit. The fellowship shall start on March 2018 and end on December 2018. Only 30 fellows shall be selected to be part of the Heroes Hub Fellowship Program.