Heroes Hub

The Heroes Hub Fellowship Program is a youth leadership and advocacy formation program that aims to empower the Filipino youth to be agents of social change. The Heroes Hub offers a transformative learning process through the pursuit of knowledge, skills, values, and practices to form our youth’s critical thinking, progressive ideas, and creative innovations which are fuel to their development as citizens and participation in nation building.

The Heroes Hub is a continuing learning process where in the youth are given opportunities to connect, collaborate and create with their fellow youth. It provides spaces for immersion, discourse, expression and innovation to happen. It is an avenue for developing and nurturing ideas into action.

The Origin of Heroes Hub

The Heroes Hub is an initiative of the artist-artivist collective DAKILA – Philippine Collective for Modern Heroism. The program is managed by the Active Vista Center, a learning institution established by DAKILA to to support its mission of building the movement of heroism towards social transformation. The Heroes Hub was established last November 30, 2017 on the celebration of the heroism of Gat Andres Bonifacio, supreme founder of the Katipunan and the father of the Philippine Revolution.

The Heroes Hub pays homage to the Katipunan, which literally means ‘association’ or ‘assembly’ and comes from the root word ‘tipon’, a tagalog word meaning ‘to gather’. The Katipunan, KKK or the Kataas-taasan, Kagalang-galang Katipunan ng mga Anak ng Bayan (Supreme and Honorable Society of the Sons of the Nation) was a secret society aimed to liberate the Philippines from colonial rule and establish its independence as a nation. The Katipunan espouses the values of “kabutihang-loob”, “kapatiran”, “kaginhawaan” and “kalayaan”

The Heroes Hub Mission

The Heroes Hub aims to:

  1. Redefine and reclaim heroism based on the teachings of the Katipunan and the lessons of the Philippine revolution.
  2. Enhance the capacity of the youth to develop their potentials to the fullest through knowledge-sharing, skills training and meaningful practical experiences.
  3. Provide platforms for the youth in expressing, sharing, and collaborating creative ideas, innovations and practical solutions that can address societal concerns and problems.
  4. Empower the youth in shaping critical discourse on pressing social issues and in formulating actions towards the common good.
  5. Inspire the young generation into contributing to efforts geared towards nation building, social development and the movement for social transformation.