Ibang Klase! Alternative Education Center

Active Vista pursues relevant lifelong learning through the pursuit of knowledge, skills, values, and practices that form critical thinking, progressive ideas and creative innovations. “Ibang Klase!” is the education program of Active Vista that aims to instill public awareness on their rights and responsibilities as citizens, raise their consciousness on social issues, and foster involvement in social transformation.

The program drives the collaborative effort of educators, artists, media practitioners, development specialists, cultural workers and human rights advocates to contribute to the shaping of an empowered citizenry by conducting trainings, seminars, workshops or forums and providing learning materials, creative toolkits, and study guides in educating the public on social issues and concerns in both classroom or alternative classroom setting, in multi-disciplinary subjects and through multiple approaches.



The course introduces the basic concepts of human rights and advocacy undertaken within the framework of social change. Youth participants shall explore how human rights are essential to one’s everyday life, livelihood and lifestyle. It takes the participants into the journey of one’s humanity—using history, the universal principles of human rights, the Filipino psychology and culture—as lens. At the end of the course, participants are able to understand the importance of human rights in the social struggle for truth, justice, independence, freedom and progress.



The idea of heroism sounds a little absurd in a culture of emojis, memes, and hashtags. Calling someone a “hero” is to invite sarcasm and self-righteousness. The “Bayani Ba ‘To?” roadshow forum sparks discussions on valuable insights to impart the value of heroism to students from the lessons of history towards the realization that the deeds of our heroes are not hackneyed fables but real, breathing examples of how to live our lives.