Our AV Journey

Active Vista started as the advocacy film festival of DAKILA. The first edition of the festival was organized in December 2008 to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. With the theme, “Cinema with a Conscience”, it brought together, filmmakers, civil society, government, business, the academe and youth to spark the conversation on the power of cinema not only to entertain but to educate.

Active Vista bannered the theme, “True revolution begins in the imagination”, in its second edition in 2010 and expanded its program to film screenings, 3 batches of advocacy filmmaking workshops held nationwide and a film competition that encourages young and aspiring filmmakers to tackle human rights issues and concerns.

Active Vista in 2012 bravely went to the extreme as it traveled to 20 cities across the country bringing about more than 60 human rights films to 22,000 audiences nationwide. Its advocacy filmmaking program trained 55 aspiring filmmakers and gave production grants to 10 short films exploring the human rights issues of the festival theme, “Projecting Truth”.

Active Vista expanded its program in 2015 through the “Bayani Ba ‘To?” roadshow on history and heroism that presented the phenomenal film, “Heneral Luna” and engaged the partnerships of 40 schools nationwide, making its mark in the field of audience development and human rights education in the Philippines. It transitioned as an institutional program of DAKILA and transformed as a center for human rights education in 2016. It presented the 2nd edition of its “Bayani Ba ‘To?” forum presenting the film, “Ang Hapis at Himagsik ni Hermano Puli” complemented with the discussion on “Heroism X Pagibig”. It expanded the program to a series of Youth Leaders and Educators Forums nationwide.

The 4th edition of Active Vista was launched in February 2016, in commemoration of the 30th anniversary of the historic EDSA People Power Revolution, the culmination of the series of civil resistance against human rights abuses during the Martial Rule that led to the restoration of democracy in the Philippines. The festival with the theme, “Truth X Imagination” opened simultaneously in key regional cities nationwide – Manila, Iloilo, Cebu, Dumaguete and Davao.