Active Vista presents cinema that challenges our visual acuity. In 20/20, we bring focus to narratives of different colors and stories at the margins of our sight to see the world in 20/20 — with an awareness of those in the peripherals, with sharpness and clarity of vision, with a depth of perception, and hopefully, through the lens of humanity.

Active Vista Frontlines

Active Vista presents films on the frontlines that speak truth to power. The films banner the most relevant issues of our times, inviting us to look closer and beyond the headlines, and examine the social architecture and infrastructures that enable the horrors that haunt our nation.

Active Vista Home Fronts

Active Vista presents stories at the home fronts that redefine battle lines. The films present varying narratives of personal struggles in the context of society, ushering us to a reflection of our quest for truth as an innately human act of liberation.

Active Vista Resistance in Memory

Active Vista presents digitally restored films of the ABS-CBN Film Restoration Project that created cultural blueprints of our history. The films chronicle the periods and facets of our peoples’ struggles, imprinting a collective remembrance of our courage and resistance. 

Active Vista Frames

Active Vista features short films that tell compelling stories on different frames of human struggles. Curated into three programs, these films bear witness to life’s intricacy and absurdity, depth and humor,  pain and beauty through a parade of stories captured through the lens of the participating filmmakers — women telling stories of resistance, artists reclaiming spaces to present the true narratives of our communities, and individuals immersing in the process of the expression of their personal struggles in our society.

Shorts Program 1 - Women in the Forefront

Ang Pagkalma sa Unos   |   The Mortician of Manila   |   What I Would Have Told My Daughter If I Knew What to Say Back Then   |.  Here, Here   |   Tokwifi   |   Basurero   |   Lola Loleng


Shorts Program 2 - (Re)establishing Shots

Dagami Daytoy   |   Budots: The Craze   |   Nangungupahan   |   Manila Scream   |   Si Astri Maka Si Tambulah   |   The Slums


Shorts Program 3 - Moving Portraits

Pabasa Kan Pasyon   |   Jodilerks Dela Cruz, Employee of the Month   |   Isang Daa’t Isang Mariposa   | Excuse Me Miss, Miss, Miss   |   SPID   |   Kontrolado ni Girly ang Buhay N’ya   |   Fatigued




Active Vista In Focus

Active Vista features films about the predicament and struggle for justice of political detainees. The films narrate the tale of victims of injustices who continuously brave the resistance to surface truth. In Focus invites us to zoom into the deeper narrative of people beyond the prison wall.




Active Vista Spotlight

Active Vista presents Trilogy, a series of three short genre films — a mockumentary, a love story, and an animated children's story — that feature varying narratives of tragedy, piloting us to the real life experiences of the victims of unprecedented killings.




Active Vista Forefront

Active Vista honors Cesar Hernando with its very first Active Vista Forefront. 

A famous Filipino director once said that Cesar Hernando is the Unsung Hero of Philippine Cinema

He was a true artist and champion of Filipino cinema, culture, and the arts. 

As a Production Designer, he lent his vision to some of the most important films in Philippine Cinema through collaborations with Mike De Leon for Citizen Jake, Sister Stella L., Kisapmata, Batch 81, Aliwan Paradise, Lav Diaz for Batang West Side, and Raymond Red for Bayani among many others.

As a photographer, he captured the iconic images of the midget Weng Weng in a director’s chair in Cannes in 1982, a young Vilma Santos holding the slate for Sister Stella L in 1983, and a bundled up Lav Diaz in snowy New Jersey in 2000.

He was an archivist who generously provided photos for film books. He was a designer who made film posters, book covers, and even the logo for the UP Cine Adarna.

For more than 30 years, he was a teacher in the UP College of Fine Arts. He organized the film organization Cinema As Art Movement, which produced a lot of alternative filmmakers. When he was in his 60s, he made Gayuma, his first feature film.

He has inspired and mentored countless students and film practitioners. He was very generous with his knowledge and talents, and Philippine Cinema became more beautiful because of him. 

Active Vista honors him by screening his short films Bituka Botika, Kalawang, Maalinsangan ang Gabi, and Kagat ng Dilim. With special thanks to Erwin Romulo, Jun Sabayton, and Rebecca Hernando.




Active Vista Dissidents

Active Vista brings you Dissidents, a series of short films that mirror today’s realities surrounding state-sanctioned violence and killings, decades-long failing war on drugs, systemic oppression, environmental degradation, and social unrest. Dissidents invites us to open our eyes and become our own witness in today’s injustices and blatant attack towards our human rights.