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Instructions for Availing Discounted Tickets

  1. Order your tickets by filling out this ticket order form:
  2. Upon submission of the form, you shall receive an Order Confirmation Email which includes the summary of your order and a detailed payment instructions.
  3. You may pay your tickets through BDO bank deposit/online payment, GCASH, or through your PayPal account.
  4. Send the proof of payment to [email protected] or through Viber at 09673202490.
  5. The discount code for your ticket shall only be sent upon confirmation of payment.
  6. Discount codes are issued between 10:00 am to 6:00 PM only. For confirmation of payments sent after 6:00 PM, you shall be receiving your discount codes the next day by 10:00 AM.
  7. Expect your discount code to be sent to your email within 3 hours after the confirmation of your payment. Please consider this when you schedule your viewing time.
  8. Discount codes for your ticket shall only be sent via email.
  9. Instructions to connect to the online screening platform shall be sent together with your discount code.
  10. For inquiries on ticket purchases, contact: [email protected] or through Viber at 09673202490.

For discounts on group ticket purchases for schools or organizations, inquire about our IBANG KLASE Sulit Pack or organize your own screenings through our IBANG KLASE Alternative Education and Film Outreach Program. Contact Charlon or Via at [email protected] or 09673202490.