Heroes Hub: Youth Empowerment Summit

On November 30, the 154th birthday of Andres Bonifacio, the Father of Philippine Revolution, 300 youth leaders will convene in a Heroes Hub: Youth Empowerment Summit from 1:00 – 6:00 pm at the Novotel Hotel, Araneta Center, Cubao, Quezon City in a journey through conversations on how our heroes battled with our nation's past struggles to identify the existing challenges our nation faces today and determine how the lessons of history may help build a nation anchored in a culture of heroism.

To submit your application, you may go to http://bit.ly/2lR1Tn4

Deadline of application is on November 18.



A Call for Young Heroes

We are a nation of heroes.

We believe that a better world is created through a society that respects, upholds and values the rights, dignity, and freedom of its people.

We believe that the foundation of a truly free, democratic and progressive society is an empowered citizenry.

We believe that when citizens are educated, enlightened and given opportunities to develop, they are able to achieve their full potentials as human beings and are able to contribute immensely to nation building and social transformation.

We are a heroes hub.
We support efforts to build the capacity of young people towards self-empowerment.

We are a community of heroes.
We gather to connect, collaborate, create, innovate, ignite and inspire ideas into action.

We are a movement.
We take part in the global call to uphold, promote and protect human rights and dignity of all.

This is our tempestuous awakening as a generation. We heed the call of our times.